Welcome to our nightmare voyage through existential dimensions of pain. We searched the world for the best recording studios and spent months in post-production fine tuning to insure every buzz, crackle, and squeal of feedback came across exactly as we intended. Several of the tracks were recorded under the influence of peyote. Others were the result of wandering through scrub deserts for weeks without food or water. Live tracks were assembled from in-concert performances at nightclubs throughout the Lee Vining and Mono Lake areas. We'd like to apologize to anyone who may survive listening through the whole album.

If you only listen to one track from this album, track 1 is a classic! Every story has a beginning. Maybe.

  1. Vampire Wombat
  2. Radioactive Frog
  3. Jammimg
  4. We Win, You Lose!
  5. Carnival
  6. Don't Save This
  7. Cantina (4am)
  8. Jingle Bells
  9. Troll in the Woods
  10. The Duck Song
  1. Fish Tacos
  2. White Trash
  3. Cacophony
  4. The Secret Word
  5. Sesame Street Rant
  6. Beats Me
  7. Visions in the Desert
  8. The Outtake Song
  9. Dvorak Sucks
  10. Bonus Beef
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Mixed and Mastered in 2000 by Fixed.
Copyright © 2000 The Braindead Monkeys & No-Fi Studios.
Don't fuck with us or we'll kill you too.

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