These are some of the samples used in "!unusual", more or less in order of appearance.
  1. Atari 2600 games: "Swordquest: Fire", "Spike's Peak", "Slot Racers", "Pigs in Space"
  2. Bessie Griffin & her Gospel Pearls record
  3. Frankie Valli: "Boomerang"
  4. Tom Jones: yeah, there's a surprise!
  5. Laurie Anderson: "Home of the Brave" being picked apart by an evil turntable stylus
  6. Stupid drums and loops obtained from the bountious internet and some Relapse records heshin' long-hair comp
  7. Historic "Happy Spot" recordings
  8. "Gatekeepers" anime
  9. Post-production in Peak 2.5
  10. Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey: various
  11. Cock ESP 7"
  12. Cheryl Lynn: "To Be Real"
  13. Video Games: "Air Buster", "Avenging Spirit"
  14. Soundtrack Comp: "Bombay the Hard Way"
  15. A tambourine