Over the six months it took to create this album, our collective lives descended into a bleak universe of depression, despair, and donuts. Somehow we persevered and shat out another collection of cacophonous torment... Just in time for Halloween! We only had 20 minutes of material in the end, though, so the other 54 minutes of this CD are filled with compression artifacts.

We're sorry if this one sounds confused, we all had heatstroke in the studio. The turntable melted into the mixer. G'rote's computer caught fire when one of the seven fans died, and it took four guitarists two hours to put together one damn chord sequence. Plus Chaz stubbed his toe. Android is convinced the studio was haunted, but we're pretty sure that's the lithium talking.

We apologize to Doris for keeping her under the waterbed for as long as we did. Don't worry, no actual monkeys were hurt in the making of this, unless you count Mistah Peedahson.

If you're going to swipe one track from this album, make it track 2. Then you'll probably want 7, and 5. People seem to like our covers. We like our jams.

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Mixed and mastered in 2001 by Fixed,
Additional samples courtesy of Free Death.
Copyright © 2001 The Braindead Monkeys & No-Fi Studios.
For ages 1-99. Not a toy.

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