"What-a-a-aaaat? Why has my 1980’s boom box tuned into Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Hits of Neveryear not yet imploded into a singularity of wah-wah pedals and turds??"

"Depressing and embarrassing digital garbage in, garbage out."

"After 72 hours, I'm still wiping up the vomit! This album is triple-strength ipecac."

"Well, I'm glad they have each other... and the goats, I guess?"

"Oh good lord, this is the dumbest thing ever."

Yes, after 14 years, the monkeys have returned. What horrors await within this musty tomb? Wry social commentary and biting satire? Virtuoso djembe and electric trumpet duets? Slightly off-key sea shanties? Colon-cleansing transcendental enlightenment? Or just dick jokes?

Take a wild guess.

Impending Doomp

On the eve of unfurling our masterstroke, we excavated this recording from Tonks Reverb, from that time she caught us on location in the desert for an interview. Tavvv is still searching for his blood.

Flawless Victoly

In a sure sign of the end times, all albums are now available in pristine lossless encoding, so you can savor every burp and burst of static as originally unintended.

By Unpopular Demand

We have some merch in the back, so...

E-Mail from our "fans"

Oh, thank goodness! It's 3:49 AM. I woke up thinking about The Braindead 
Monkeys and all the joyous shit noise that you've inflicted upon my 
subconscious! I simply could not sleep. What if there were no more 
monkeys? Was there still a little home on the Internet for all the 
fecal-quality mechanically-separated chicken-and-bushmeat baloney 
music?! WAS IT GONE FOREVER, lost to the ages due to an audience 
dwindling due to monkey-induced insanity?! Thank Hell! I decided, "FUCK 
my Wednesday engagements! Who needs rest? I need to be BRAINDEAD again!"

I was wondering because I wanted to say that I was VERY hooked on your 2001
"Real Butter" track "!unusual".  I really found it "hard-hitting" – a
"beautifully" and cleverly arranged collage of select samples and sounds from
different sources to create something that REALLY struck out.

wgere is us !!!!! where is  t he album!

drunk more guys get it done

Absolutely fucking brilliant.  I've been listening to your work since 2004 and
I am continually amazed even today by your albums.  Please know that you have
spread joy to myself and a number of friends I have given your work to.   I
can't stand to listen to you guys for less than a few hours at a time, usually
including Real Butter and Space Donut in their entirety.  I was curious, are
you guys in other projects?   The Braindead Monkeys didn't die recording
DEVELO~1.WAV did they? :( 

Weenies Unite!

Our fans rise in unison against the meat packing industry's sponsorship of Weenie Roast.

When will they learn?


The longest post-production cycle ever is finally over. At last, we can reveal the answer