These are some of the samples used in "Monkey Mix", more or less in order of appearance.
  1. Monkey and animal sample programs from the Kurzweil web site
  2. "Parasite Eve" computer game soundtrack
  3. "Dungeon Keeper" desktop theme for Windows, 1996. Default ding sound.
  4. Pizzicato Five's remix of Puffy's "Korega Watashino Ikiru Michi"
  5. "Dungeon Keeper" desktop theme for Windows, 1996. Program Error fart sound.
  6. James Chance & the Contortions: "Designed to Kill"
  7. "Street Fighter 2" video game, emulated in MAME with several channels cut.
  8. Startup sound from a Macintosh Quadra 950
  9. Disney's "Haunted House" album, 1970
  10. "I Love Lucy (disco version)"
  11. Anime: "Project A-ko" dialogue
  12. The Moist & Meaty album
  13. Chronotrigger: "Regal Theme" from the Super Nintendo, by Squaresoft.
  14. Zach Archer of Free Death duckspeaking into an overpriced microphone
  15. Peak 2.0 plugin: "SFX Machine", various filters slowed waaaay dawn
  16. The_User: "Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers 3"
  17. "Big Race USA Pinball" computer game soundtrack
  18. Meat Beat Manifesto: "Cutman", "Strap Down (the Sound Defense Policy)"
  19. DJ Shadow: "The Number Song (Cut Chemist remix)"
  20. Yoshinori Sunahara: "Clipper's Discoteque Break"
  21. Ryu: "Reminisce (Hide'n'Seek mix)"
  22. The Hieroglyphics: "All Things"
  23. Bessie Griffin and her Gospel Pearls record
  24. UNKLE: "Ape Shall Never Kill Ape (various remixes)"
  25. The Hieroglyphics: "Intro" from 3rd Eye Vision
  26. Meat Beat Manifesto: "I Got the Fear (part 2)"
  27. Screwball: "Fuck All Ya Bitch Ass Niggas" or something, I dunno all these damn hardcore rap songs are the same
  28. Zach Archer: "Who Killed River Phoenix? (disco version)"
  29. The Barkays: some horrible song
  30. Meat Beat Manifesto: "Reanimator (part 1)"
  31. The Tough Skins: "England"
  32. "Timeshock Pinball" computer game after the audio started crapping out and spontaneously converting everything into 8-bit sound
  33. K2500 mangling perfectly plain samples
  34. Tom Jones: "Yesterday". (Duh.)
  35. Bo: "Eyeball Problem" live on Xmas day '94 at 924 Gilman Street
  36. "The Cat in The Hat" by Dr. Seuss and Warner Bros. Dialogue from the animated adaptation.
  37. As Sekiria: "Y'Know", from the Bubblegum Crisis 2040 soundtrack, 1999.
  38. Henry Mancini: "Pink Panther Theme". Opening cymbals.
  39. Trevor Jones: "Into the Labyrinth", from the score to the film "Labyrinth".
  40. Kyara Meippai: "Virus", from the Hand Maid Mai soundtrack, 2000.
  41. Dialogue about being evil from "Taboo", classic 80's porn flick.
  42. Kraftwerk: "Pocket Calculator"
  43. Anime: "A11 Only Synthesizer Voice", from the Neon Genesis Evangelion soundtrack.
  44. Skinny Puppy: "Fritter (Stella's Home)", on the "VIVIsectVI" album. Extremely doctored beat.
  45. Negativland: "Babac'de'Babac", from the "Points" album. Pingle and plonk.
  46. Tony Touch: cassingle Intro
  47. Some J-pop rap tune I'm too lazy to look up
  48. Pizzicato Five: "Happy Ending"
  49. Daffy Duck aside to the audience, from "Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur", Warner Bros cartoon from the 1950's.