With five times more gear than NASA, we bring you the boldest, bravest concept album music history has ever known. Every effect on this composition was generated with thousands of lines of Perl, debugged with 49 flats of Barq's and 176 pounds of Fritos during the first two recording days. We actually did conventional "post-production" operations before recording any music.

Thirteen pack burros gave their lives transporting Chaz's unfathomably large synthesizer to the hallowed burial ground that became our studio, and we all suffered massive headwounds during the third day while making the fight game keymap. We will never be able to hear anything in that frequency range again.

The next six weeks were spent recording Forest of Monkeys. A court order prevents us from discussing the details, but we can say the scar tissue is finally starting to lose that puffy red color.

On the last recording day, we destroyed all of the equipment in a finely tuned blast of pure anger. As each component exploded, we finished another section of Beatings. The shorts you hear during that track are from the blood drying in the compressor.

No thanks to Doris for showing up four weeks late after running off with circus midgets.

If you're going to swipe one track from this album, try track 3 or 11. Everything else kicks major ass as well, so grab it all eventually.

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Mixed and mastered in 2002 by Fixed,
Programmed by Free Death,
Except 10: Mixed and mastered by Free Death.
Copyright © 2002 The Braindead Monkeys & No-Fi Studios.
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