These are some of the samples used in "Why Is This Funny?", more or less in order of appearance.
  1. BDM Moist & Meaty
  2. BDM Real Butter
  3. BDM Creeping Banana
  4. BDM other parts of Blood Sausage, outtakes
  5. "sloop" from Project Ako (see also: "Monkey Mix")
  6. buzzing: BBC sound effects library: "Livestock and Cattle 2" CD
  7. Chaz holding the Doris mic up to his speakers to create ear-piercing feedback
  8. Blasteroids: Mukor saying "Puny Earthling"
  9. Futurama: Nintendoo 64 skit
  10. Overflow errors and distortion from bad file transfers
  11. Tones, filters and things generated with ORIGINAL PERL SOFTWARE WRITTEN BY CHAZZZZ!!! AAAAH FUCK YOU ALL and lots of it
  12. Kurzweil K2500 vocoder, other instruments
  13. SPK: beautiful glassy explosion from "Slogun" 7"
  14. MetaSynth, mac software that does INTERESTING THINGS involving pictures and sound
  15. The infamous "fight game keymap"
  16. Beep noises: Apple ][gs, Windows, Mac OS 9, OS X
  17. Bardley Braslin, back at Café Purgatory
  18. St. Germain "Sure Thing"
  19. Apple ][ games:
    1. Ghostbusters
    2. Castle Smurfenstein
    3. Mario Bros
  20. Disney Haunted House record, evil cat section, trashed on a turntable
  21. G'rote reading a draft of "Why Is This Funny" into a 8 khz recordo-box
  22. Street Fighter 2 Alpha 3 something or other announcer guy who needs to be beaten
  23. G'rote playing "Mark of the Wolves" video game
  24. Harpsichord from some game ... ? with mad perl treatment
  25. Monty Python's "Holy Grail": The Black Knight killing someone
  26. Cowboy Bebop OST
  27. KDVS real audio broadcast: Justin and the Evil Spider
  28. This insane Chinese rock star with this hilarious egotistical website, "freestyling" in front of a crowd, sped up quite a bit. He is sexy bad-boy
  29. 1/3 of a beat from a remix of TMBG's "Istanbul"
  30. The DTMF tones a modem makes when dialing the (now defunct) XBBS bulletin board
  31. at 3:06: I don't know what this is
  32. See, the problem with creating a list of samples for this one, is that the albums and outtakes sample so much other crap coming from so many other computers / sources, there's just no way to track it all down
  33. An outtake from rendering-font-as-audio bit in Leftover Jerk Jam
  34. Space Invaders