These are some of the samples used in "Bergamot Hockey", more or less in order of appearance.
  1. Martial Arts and Human Impacts, kung fu yells
  2. Monkey and animal sample programs from the Kurzweil web site
  3. Carol Jiani, "Make Sure You Have Someone Who Loves You". All of you stupid mods into northern soul can SIT AND SPIN
  4. Gradius III
  5. Many, many other video games that will not all be listed, for the sake of brevity
  6. Akira Takasaki, "Tusk of Jaguar" record
  7. "Super Duck Breaks", Stones Throw label
  8. Bawdry strip tease music from Monty Python's Flying Circus
  9. Video game cheering
  10. "Hamburger Hater" breaks record
  11. Earth Wind & Fire, "Biyo"
  12. Delicious GROUND HUM
  13. Ren and Stimpy
  14. Alien 3 soundtrack
  15. "Space Travelers Hamster Breaks Volume 3 1/2"
  16. Free Death, "Unfight" outtakes
  17. Wartime Radio (1945) archive
  18. Lil' Bunnies, "50 Children's Favorites"
  19. Star Wars Episode 2
  20. Earth Wind & Fire, "Getaway"
  21. BDM Real Butter