These are some of the samples used in "Double Bergamot Action", more or less in order of appearance.
  1. Bernard Herrmann, "The Three Worlds of Gulliver" soundtrack
  2. video game cheering
  3. swords (obtained from internet)
  4. Penderecki, "The Devils of Loudon" opera
  5. Video game screaming [insert name of game here -- "You will die" etc. very bad]
  6. Zach Archer, "Ultimatum"
  7. Electric zorching, from internet
  8. Radiator
  9. Glass breaking
  10. Moe Staiano, some track
  11. Bananarama and "Cruising with the Cadillacs and Cats Like That" records being played on a turntable with a safety pin attached, instead of a proper record needle
  12. Xabec, "Auf Und Unter"
  13. Charles Ives: Symphony #4
  14. Stockhausen, "Momente"
  15. Ren and Stimpy. "Smile for dee camera!"
  16. A lot of terrible classic video games of mostly indeterminate origin. See also the "fight game keymap" of BDM Blood Sausage lore
  17. Mickey Spillanes' "Mike Hammer" TV theme
  18. Zach Archer, music for
  19. Fragments of people's lives stolen with a handheld microcassette recorder. On location: Davis / Oakland (CA), Portland (OR)
  20. Ninja Scroll (anime)
  21. Kurzweil 2500 freaking out while sampling itself one day
  22. Penderecki, "Actions" split LP with Don Cherry
  23. Castlevania "Spirit of the Moon" or something
  24. George Carlin
  25. Mystery TV theme montages from deep within MIT
  26. SPK "Slogun" 7"
  27. filterchrist.c
  28. Street Fighter Mega Alpha Bongo III ... 2
  30. Bernard Herrmann "On Dangerous Ground" soundtrack
  31. Kronos Quartet, from "Winter Was Hard" LP
  32. Shostakovich, "Execution of Stephen Razin" and Symphony #10 I think? Urr? Duh? We're not even halfway through the track yet, folks
  33. An insect caught on a piece of tape attached to a door, reverberating the entire room as it shook its wings. On location in Lee Vining, CA.
  34. "Godzilla", proud circuit-bent DD-11 drum machine
  35. Late night experiments picking up ghostly impressions of radio stations barely transmitting over the mountains. On location in Lee Vining, CA. See also: the horn stabs when Black Darby shows up.
  36. The Omen soundtrack (classic!!!)
  37. BDM Real Butter, and Arek's rendition of the Crystal Quest victory noise
  38. The Happy Spot, "Rocky the Rooster (Sugar Frosted Rooster Feet) and the Big Pit of Hell"
  39. "Monstrous Movie Music vol 1"
  40. Breakdancing mpeg obtained from internet! Fitness is good for you so SUCK IT
  41. Negativland, "Babac'd'Babac", Points album
  42. Dino, "Found Love"
  43. Chaz's first experiments with vowel synthesis DOT C dot FUCKING C
  44. The Isleys, "Brother Brother Brother" (it was hard trying to find the very "blackest" music in my collection)
  45. Mp3 from the "AI" movie treasure hunt
  46. K2500 vocoder module. Original source == ?
  47. Triple Threat, "Many Styles"
  48. "Hamburger Hater" breaks record, Stones Throw label
  49. Pro SFX disc 1, Winchester rifle cock
  50. Earth Wind & Fire, "In The Stone"
  51. BDM Bergamot 2. Jungle noise! Uum boo doo bum bum dum RAWQ RAWQ RAWQ
  52. "Drums of the World" CD, Brazil
  53. Random mp3. Totally don't recall the artist. Wasn't in English, either.
  54. DJ Icey
  55. An Oi 7" being destroyed. Hooray! BEER WILL NOT WIN
  56. Dragon's Lair
  57. Free Death, "Unfight"
  58. BDM "B-Boys and B-Apes"
  59. Hieroglyphics, "All Things"
  60. "Mark of the Wolves" video game
  61. "Puzzle Fighter" video game
  62. Chaz Hazeltine playing with himself COMMA the eject button
  63. Chaz's first attempt and making a sound collage. Gear: a single dual cassette boombox. Age 17!
  64. Pro SFX disc 4, fart noise
  65. Pro SFX disc 1, civil war cannon shot
  66. Carl Orff, "Carmina Fucking Burana"
  67. Living Sound Effects vol 2, switching channels on TV