Attention shoppers: There's a cleanup on aisle five. A cleanup of body parts, that is!

Yes, after years of legal haggling and strife, we were finally able to photograph the nuclear explosion you see on the cover, and put the crowning touch on our greatest masterwork yet. After the local governments had been bribed/killed/eaten, the ASPCA emerged to complain about us abusing the gorilla. So we said, "screw it, we'll just use Chaz," but naturally he ate the weenie right before detonation, and we had to redo the entire shot.

There were also problems sustaining the third-world puppet government long enough for Android's serfs to construct the hulking robotic monkey of doom, necessary for the creation of track eight. Arek, famed underground bergamot smuggler, was sentenced to the worst punishment allowed by Soviet Republic law, and had to be extracted from deep within the gulag. Plus Skot successfully summoned the spirit of great socialist theorist Mao Tse Rubinoff, with disastrous results, audible on track fifteen.

We write this communiqué as a sort of epilogue, using our own radioactive sores for ink. Five continents; five band members; five albums; five leaders to guide the sniveling masses; five coup d'états that history will never forget. What a long, strange revolution it's been. In the immortal words of the Buddha, "Buy Now."

In memorial of Mr. Brown, we present entries from his notebook taken during the recording session.

All our tracks own you. but 4, 8, and 12 are TEH PWN.

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Mixed and mastered in 2003 by Fixed,
Except 1, 7, 8, 10, 11, 17: Mixed by Free Death,
And 5, 16: Mixed by Fried.
Programmed by Free Death and Burakku Baggu.
Copyright © 2003 The Braindead Monkeys & No-Fi Studios.
In Soviet Russia, the shit takes YOU!

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